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We realized that the critical of the natural degradation have been increased rapidly. The plastic is in a very high demand, this causes the increase amount of waste in Thailand and there are only 15% of it that can be recycled or decomposed. The rest, 85% will be left out there, in the river and the ocean. Those plastics has a very big impact on environmental. We want to be a small part to help bring back our beautiful nature.

COME TO ECO is an environmental organization. We distribute Eco-friendly products to reduce and replace the use of plastic. Our goods are produced in Thailand. Our organization pay huge attention to all the details from design to the use of natural materials. we aim to reduce energy consumption and resources that will affect the environment destruction. Not only to help the environment but we also support Thai farmers in poor part of the country for them to have extra income by using their agricultural products in our production.

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Easy way to save the Earth
start with your hotel.

Come to Eco is an alternative for consumers or business operators in hotels, hospitals and other businesses that are using plastics and producing wastes from everyday operations. We want to be the one to help encourage people to start going green by introduce our products into their businesses.

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